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1300 Aluminum Cane Probes
Civacon Cane Probes provide a portable and flexible solution for meeting overfill requirements, with a universal clamp that has been designed to easily and securely attach to petroleum or chemical manholes, making it the ideal solution when a permanent sensor cannot be affixed to a tank or railcar.

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7540 Junction Box
7500 Series Junction Boxes are general purpose junction boxes designed to be used in conjunction with Civaconís line of Rack Monitor equipment. These junction boxes provide easy maintenance and wiring of the Plug & Cord sets connecting to the Rack Monitors.

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Optic Overfill Protection Monitor
A pulsed electrical signal is generated by the 8130 monitor and is transmitted to the sensors via a cord and optic format cane probe sensor. When the signal meets the required characteristics, the monitor goes to a "permissive" state. This state closes a set of relay contacts which, in turn,changes the status light from red to green, signaling the terminal automation system. If the sensor on the vehicle is wetted during the loading process, the monitor senses this condition and opens the relay. When the relay is opened, the status light will change to red "non-permissive" and stops the "permissive" signal that was being sent to the terminal automation system.

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Thermistor Rack Control Monitors
Civacon 8360 Thermistor Rack Monitor is used with up to six compatible thermistor liquid level sensors or onboard monitors to monitor the status of liquid within transports (compartments) or other storage tanks. Overfill detection systems, such as the 8360 thermistor rack monitor, provides automatic warning of product overflow at predetermined levels and warns of pending overflow conditions. The 8360 thermistor rack monitor uses the industry standard thermistor signal format to communicate with an onboard control monitor or straight thermistor transport systems.

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Ground Verification Plugs & Cords
Civacon Plug & Cord sets for your your terminal loading systems offer safety, reliability, corrosion resistance and long product life-cycle. They are also very easy to use and handle.

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